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Character Study: Miyano Akemi  
00:55 Mon 28 May 2007
the Case Not Closed
Codename: None, but went by the alias of Hirota Masami.
Real name: Miyano Akemi 宮野明美
First appearance: book 02 file 004, episode 14.
Age: Estimated to be 25 at time of her death. (7 years Sherry's elder.)
Family: Miyano Helena & Atsushi for parents, both deceased, Miyano Shiho for younger sister.

Appearance: When she first appears, she purposely dresses as a young high school girl, with pig ties and big round glasses, so as to fool Kogoro Mouri into believing she is Hirota Kenzou's father. Later on we notice that she wears make up and has more adult clothing. In the flashbacks that feature her she is a pretty young woman with black hair and a part to the right, who tends to wear smart business lady like clothing.

Role: Akemi died under the name Hirota Masami after the organization convinced her to steal a billion Yen for them, in exchange of letting her and her sister leave the syndicate. It was in fact a ploy to eliminate her. She died in Conan's arms.
The police, upon investigating her death, concluded it was suicide because of evidence the BO had planted.
We later on learn that Shuichi Akai, under the assumed name Moroboshi Dai, became her boyfriend in an attempt to infiltrate the Organisation. She realized he was FBI, but pretended not to. When the Organisation found out he was a mole, Akemi & Shiho were moved out of his reach. It is suspected her connection with Akai is the real motive behind her death.

Tools: Her Fake name she borrowed from her professor at Nanyo University, Masami Hirota(book 18/19), she gave Kogoro Mouri fake contact details, which she prevented him from using by always calling him first. In the anime, she managed to hide the money she stole for Gin and Vodka thanks to a fake locker key. Tears were used to motivate Mouri. Gin & Vodka gave her cyanide to use on her giant accomplice telling her it was a sedative.

Cases with this character:
Book 2 file 4-7, Episode 14/128*; Book 19 file 7, Episode ???; Book 18 file 10, Episode ???; Book 41/42 files 10-1, Episode ???; Book 42 file 10, Episode 345; Book 58 file 2, Episode ???; tbc...

& Movie 5.

*Episodes marked with this symbol indicate a divergence in between the anime and the manga. Most often it translates as the anime removing the BO members (Vodka & Gin) and replacing them with avatars that will be caught. Episode 128 is a "plot fixer" that features Gin & Vodka, but uses a different story line to the manga to end up with a similar result.

*Fanon for this character:
*Fanon is "Fan created fact" as opposed to Canon which is Official fact.
- Akemi being Shuichi Akai's girlfriend seems to be a Fanon that Became Canon.
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