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Character Study: VODKA  
19:20 Sat 21 Apr 2007
the Case Not Closed
AFFILIATION - Black Organization

Codename: Vodka ウォッカ
Real Name: rumoured to be "Saburo UODZUKA" 魚塚三郎
*(according to an interview and one image from the Mermaid's Flesh case book 28, file 8 page 12 - Episodes 222-224)
Age: Unknown

Appearance: Tall, strongly built, recognizable by his sunglasses and distinctive jaw/chin. He is usually seen wearing a black business suit with a reddish-brown shirt, black tie and black hat.
He has only once been seen in any other guise, in book 42 (episode 345), and that was basically pretty similar to his usual, but minus the Hat and Glasses, which were replaced by a Zombie mask.

Role: Despite the Fan-made assumption that Vodka is, to put it crudely, *stupid*, Vodka does seem to play a crucial role in the organisation. He can act independently. He is seen acting as a liaison between various members and Gin (for example: Tequila), and has been seen acting on his own (Itakura Case, books 37-38, episode 329). However it is true that his role in the series so far has been pretty much limited to that of "Gin's sidekick." Whenever Vodka appears, we know Gin is not far, and on some occasions we have seen Vodka "messing up" only to be put right by Gin. Vodka accomplishes many tasks under Gin's orders, (which would indicate that he *is* competent,) and more often then not, we see the two discussing recent events in Gin's car.

Tools: Vodka without his Gun & Silencer isn't Vodka. He also has a mobile phone, and has used other tools in the series. See article on Organization Tools. (**To be created.)

Cases with this character:
Book 1 file 1, Episode 1; Book 2 file 7, Episode 14/128*; Book 4 files 4-6, Episode 005*; Book 12 file 4, Episode 54; Book 18/19 files 10-1, Episode 129; Book 24 files 7-11, Episode 175-176; Book file, Episode; Book 29 file 3, Episode 230; Book 37/38 files 5-1, Episode 329; Book 42 files 5-10, Episode 345; Book 48/49 file 10-4, Episode 425; Book 53/54 files 10-2, Episodes 464-465; Book 58(?) file (?) , Episode (?); tbc...

& Movie 5.

*Episodes marked with this symbol indicate a divergence in between the anime and the manga. Most often it translates as the anime removing the BO members (Vodka & Gin) and replacing them with avatars that will be caught. Episode 128 is a "plot fixer" that features Gin & Vodka, but uses a different story line to the manga to end up with a similar result.

On the Drink:
Vodka - Wikipedia Article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vodka

*Fanon for this character:
*Fanon is "Fan created fact" as opposed to Canon which is Official fact.
- Vodka carries a Pink Plastic Flamingo under his vest. Blame impfics.
- Vodka and Gin are siblings. Not used that often, but if you see it, know it's Fanon.
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