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The Case Not Closed

Detective Conan and the Black Organization

the Case Not Closed
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Disclaimer: Detective Conan ( Case Closed ) is the propriety of Gôshô Aoyama & Shogakukan.
This "data site" is fan-created and therefore has no affiliation with said owners in any way. The information on this site is correct to the best of my knowledge at the date indicated on the posts.

What is Detective Conan (Case Closed) ?
- "Detective Conan"(DC) is a Manga (Japanese graphic novel) series stared by Gôshô Aoyama in 1994, which has also been running as an animated TV Series since 1996, and is known as "Case Closed" in the States and the UK.
- It is the story of Conan Edogawa, formerly Teenage Detective Shinichi(Jimmy) Kudo who found his body shrunken back into childhood when some men dressed in black force fed him an experimental poison. Begins his quest to find the antidote to his miniature stature, while protecting his close ones and still finding time to solve crimes on the way.
- The series is still on going, with 11 films, one live action TV-film, more than 50 graphic novels, and over 470 episodes already created.

What is this Black Organisation?
- The Black Organisation(BO) is the as yet unnamed crime syndicate to which belong the two men responsible for Conan's plight. Their methods are clearly criminal and secretive, although their goals and motives remain unclear. They are so far unaware that Shinichi Kudo did not die of the poison they fed him, but they are also very difficult to find.
- Their rare sightings and mysterious motives makes every appearance or important discovery related to Black Organisation Operatives (Black Ops.) a high point in the DC storyline. Often enough, cases involving the BO will often span the equivalent of many cases, with small clues inserted as a buildup to a possible confrontation. As opposed to the "case of the day" murders Conan solves, knowledge of prior BO-related events and hints is often essential to understanding the latest Black Ops actions.

Which brings us to...
Why a data site on the BO?
- With over 50 books out, it is only normal that the main plotline of the series has evolved with interesting twists and more elements to remember.
- Since it is getting difficult for the basic DC fanatic to remember all these details (thus hindering him or her from writing fanfiction with the latest events or newest characters for example) and conscientious fans wish to be able to check whether they remember event C or detail Y correctly, this site has come into existence.
- It doesn't hurt that I am myself quite fond of (read fanatic about) the main DC plot and BO. ^^